The Centrality of the Gospel

Ep.7 | Interview with Greg Stier

Hosted by Craig Smith


  • Fresh of the Winter Jam Tour with Greg Stier | 1:33
  • Planting Grace Church in Arvada, CO in 1998 | 3:57
  • What it looks like to adjust communication from one audience to the next  | 7:49
  • What have been the largest cultural changes amongst the audience (youth) that Dare 2 Share is geared towards? | 14:19
  • Preach the Gospel week in and week out – Take your scripture and make a b-line for the cross | 21:01
  • Take every last chance to reach every last one | 25:41
  • Theology should always end up at the foot of the cross – Share the Gospel every week | 28:00
  • The day I lose that nervousness for delivering the Word of God is the day I should hang it up | 30:59
  • Preach the Word and tie your shoes | 33:19



Greg is big on focusing on the next generation. After all, they will be the ones taking over what the previous generation has built when it’s time. Larry Osborne on his book Lead Like a Shepherd has a big emphasis on letting, “. . . letting young eagles fly”. When we focus our attention on trying to mobilize and engage the youth and make sure that they’ve bought into what we’re preaching, and the advancement of the Kingdom, that’s how battles are won. As Greg says, adults are good at faking it and nodding along. But when our youth are engaged and bought in, we’re moving somewhere for Him!

2 | Community > Individualism

For a very long time our culture placed extreme emphasis on individuals. And it still does today! That’s why the good news of the Gospel is so compelling, so counter-cultural. When you accept Christ into your life as your lord and savior that is an immediate community that you are adopted in to. And we’re seeing young generations turn to that, they’re really infatuated with the idea that they’re not in it alone. When we communicate the good news of the cross and what that means to them, we’re communicating that they’re community right here for you, and you’re valued in who you are in Christ.

3 | The Gospel is like a Grenade

“It doesn’t matter who pulls the pin, it’s going to explode.”

The best thing about the Gospel is that it stands on its own. It doesn’t matter who delivers it when people accept it, it’s always true. We are often so wrapped up in who gets the credit when people come to Jesus and that’s the exact wrong mindset. We should solely be concerned with people hearing the Gospel and celebrating when they come to Jesus. Nothing else matters!


We are so excited to welcome you back to Clarity after a small hiatus. Today, we welcome on a very special guest, one with a very unique perspective on preaching. Greg Stier is the founder and leader fo an organization called Dare 2 Share Ministries and has had a profound impact on the Church, not only in youth ministry. Dare 2 Share is an incredible organization that is all about equipping teens to share their faith and youth leaders to build youth ministries that advance the Gospel.

Craig and Greg cover a wide range of topics from the centrality of the Gospel in their preaching to the impact that you can have on ministry when you’re precise and clear in your communication. You won’t want to miss this one!


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