Fall Giving

Thanksgiving is a time when we are reminded of all the ways we’ve been blessed. Sometimes we go back and look at the blessings we’ve taken for granted for a long time and realize the weight of them — the ability to read, a device to read this post on, internet so this post can exist. When we start to look at the world through the lens of “what have I taken for granted?” we can see things in our lives that we wouldn’t notice before.

Likely, you’re reading this in a comfortable room, wearing clothes you picked out at a store, maybe enjoying a snack or a warm drink.

How often do we take those things for granted? How often do we forget to thank God for the ways he’s blessed us in our day to day life?

Let’s change that and take a moment to acknowledge the ways we’ve been blessed and think of a few ways we can bless others because of it.

Here are some places to start:
  • Do I have clothes in my closet? Do I have extra clothes I don’t ever wear? Where can I donate those clothes to bless others this year?
  • Do I have plans to gather family together for Thanksgiving dinner? Do I know anyone who doesn’t have plans or family in the area? Can I invite them to join my family this year?
  • Are there cans of food I have in my cupboard that I’m never going to eat? Do I have extra food? Can I find a place to donate to a food bank this year?

You can bring your whole family into this mentality.

Ask your kids:
  • Are there any toys you don’t play with anymore? Would you like to bless someone else with a toy this year? Which toy, and who can we give it to?

You may find that your kids have a ton of extra clothes they don’t wear all the time or don’t like. Let them help you bring their extra clothes to donate.

We often think of getting rid of what we don’t need any more in the spring for spring cleaning, but what if we added in a second time, when people are more in need than the rest of the year as winter draws near, and created a “Fall Giving?”

Start by looking for the things you take for granted, thank God for them, and then look into options to share how you’ve been blessed or help others, who don’t have what you take for granted, get access to or have the things you depend on.

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you’d like to learn more about how you can help out directly in the Littleton community on a regular basis, you’re welcome to volunteer at the Life Center and help others get what you take for granted.

Want even more ways to get involved? Check out what we’re doing for our Food Drive and Christmas Toy Drive. We look forward to serving with you!