an introduction

Recently, our women’s team gathered over lunch, and—as is fairly common these days—our conversation led to the various difficulties in our lives and the lives of those around us. As we shared, stories of various Heroes of the Faith kept coming up as examples of encouragement in our walk with God. The more we talked, the more we felt the need to share these stories with you…stories of men and women whose heart’s desire was to become like Jesus and join Him on mission.

And so, our newest feature was born!

Each month our team will read and discuss a biography of someone who walked in faith through adversity. We will then provide a brief synopsis here, along with a link to the book so you can pick up a copy and read the full story. We really encourage you to do so, as a few paragraphs can never fully capture the beauty of the work of God in their lives. For those with kids at home, many of these books would be great to read together as a family, to share the legacy of faith with the next generation.

Whether these stories are like old friends or this is the first time you have ever heard their names, our hope is that through these stories you will begin to see that God is still in the redemption business…that He is still taking ordinary men and women, transforming them, and using them in mighty and miraculous ways.

May the beauty of these stories encourage your heart, fuel your faith, and stay with you for life!

Jeff Baxter

✍️ Credit :: Angela Parks
Women’s Bible Study Coordinator