Stuck in a Time Loop




  • How we were shocked by service| 3:51
  • Each of us being awkwardly vulnerable with initial ideas on homelessness | 5:19
  • Ideas of expectations on each person seeking help | 18:37
  • Listening to gives respect to each person| 17:26
  • Culture of homelessness | 19:37
  • Looking at our Work-2-Earn program | 21:14
  • Boundaries keep us from being bipolar in our service | 27:08
  • Challenges of dehumanizing people | 32:42

Instant Takeaways

1 | This is hard

If you really want to jump into service like we have been taught by Christ, it is incredibly hard. The idea behind this podcast is for us to all learn together how to love the people around us. Giving each other grace when we mess up, but pushing each other to always question how to serve better.

2 | Being awkwardly vulnerable is okay

We are humans. As humans, we mess up and we always have opportunities for growth. We are vulnerable with our heart “confessions” of how we felt about our clients before the Life Center. Vulnerability also allows us to take the focus off of making ourselves look good and bring us down to the level of the people we are serving.

3 | Survival Mentality

When people are focused on surviving, they can’t process through the steps they need to take to thrive or reach sustainability. We have to take off the mentality we have and put on survival mentality in order to help people take steps forward.

4 | Always being a student

God is the expert of SERVICE. We need to learn and grow if we want to help people in any way. Too often our selfish human side gets in the way, blocking us from being able to truly give service to those around us. We have to bring ourselves low, bring on the mentality of wanting to learn, and seek truth from a good God if we want to truly serve people.

5 | Boundaries

We talk through how we use boundaries in our work to seek the most for the people we are serving. In this episode, we talk about an individual who we had to trespass from the property. However, by the time this episode is airing, the individual came apologized and now has continued to work on his respectful tone while in the Life Center. Holding this boundary gave the opportunity for growth in this individual.


Join us for our introduction episode to Stuck in the Messy. We thought it would be a good idea to just pull the curtain to give you a full look at some of the ideas we have to grapple with and struggle with on a daily basis. There is no doubt that service is hard. It needs to be approached from the idea that we are always a student and always ready to learn how to serve better. Join us this season to learn more about messy service as we love the world around us.


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