Hosted by Ashlie Reynoso + Keith Carson w/ Special Guest Dr. Harold Lewis


  • Biblical Diversity | 2:11
  • Martin Luther King Jr.– Why are we still segregated on Sunday? | 6:30
  • LEO vs People of Color | 9:55
  • Love is an Action Verb | 12:11
  • “I’m Colorblind” | 14:52
  • Racial Reconciliation in the church | 17:30


1 | Biblical Diversity

Dr. Lewis is the Vice President of Biblical Diversity with Converge with the goal to reach people of all colors, cultures, and categories with the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. He encourages us all to create and embrace cross-cultural relationships in our lives. Sometimes these may seem awkward but start by finding commonalities and engage one on one by challenging each other and asking hard questions.

2 | Dynamics in the relationship with LEO and loving people

In our current culture, it seems easy to think we must choose sides between law enforcement and people of color. The reality is, that is not true or what we should be doing. There is a long history in the relationship between LEOs and people of color and it is important to understand that background. Meanwhile, it is also important to build relationships and begin to have a dialog with people, and keep going back to God to know how to love one another best. We, as the Church, can lead by example and be the salt and light in this world.

3 | Conscious vs unconscious bias

Dr. Lewis dives into the difference between conscious vs unconscious bias. An unconscious bias (also known as implicit bias) is social bias that is formed outside of your own conscious awareness about certain groups of people. For example, telling a female executive, ‘Wow, as a female you do a good job.’ While the comment is intended to be a compliment, it is undermined with implicit bias. On the contrary, conscious bias are actions or words played out intentionally to hurt or harm a group of people. Examples of these are burning crosses, wear swastikas, and confederate flags. While we all have bias it is important to keep our unconscious biases in check and to do some hard work to rid ourselves our conscious biases so we can love people better.

4 | Racial reconciliation

There is a strong divide in our nation and world that Satan is using in powerful ways right now. We need to take our eyes off the natural and look up to Him. There is a lot of work to do, but as Dr. Lewis reminds us, there is HOPE in Christ. He encourages us to take three steps towards racial reconciliation; come together, have courageous conversations, and begin healing. While the approach seems simple, we must remember that the process is a marathon, not a sprint. We must stay at the table and lean into the discomfort.


Welcome to Conversations About Race! We are thrilled to get a little awkward for the next thirty minutes with Dr. Harold Lewis, Vice President of Biblical Diversity at Converge. Keith and Ashlie will gain some great insight and understanding about race relations and how we as the church can be a part of the solution to racial reconciliation. Dr. Lewis will put a smile on your face and encourage you to pull up a chair and have a seat at the table to being the healing our nation and local communities so desperately need.


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