3 Perks of Being Single

We’ve all been there at least once in our lives. Whether you’ve just been dating, or have never dated, at some point you’ve found yourself without a significant other. And while this can feel devastating, there are many perks of being single.

1 | You have some mobility

This means that if you feel called to go to Africa and serve, you don’t have to first check with your family. You’re available to give your time where God directs rather than needing to invest it in your family.

2 | You’re financially free

You may not be entirely free of debt, but you only have your own debt to think about. When you’re married, finances get shared, both the good and the bad. With your financial freedom comes the ability to support who and what God calls you to support. While you may not be able to go to Africa, you may be able to help someone else get there. Without having to confer with someone else and make sure it’s financially plausible for a family, you have the freedom to invest in the people and trips God calls you to invest in.

3 | You have the space to fully find your identity in God

As a single person in today’s world, there can sometimes be a habit of feeling inadequate or feeling worthless if you’re not dating someone. The Bible does not indicate that our value comes from being married, or that our worth comes from our partner. That would suggest that everyone who is single has no worth, and that is simply not true. Some people are called to be single for longer periods of their lives, sometimes even their whole lives. These people are no less valuable than those who are married, and their time and energy can be spent in pursuit of God. They can do this without the social pressure to please their husband or wife, and therefore can spend their time striving to please God.

“Yeah, well, that’s all great, but how do I respond when the question comes up at family gatherings? It’s Thanksgiving and everyone wants to know if I’m dating anyone. What do I say?”

I’m glad you asked. There are a few answers you could give. The best answer I can offer is simple: “It’s just not my choice right now.” And if you hope to date, you can say that, too. “I hope to date in the future, but I’m not dating right now.” This offers enough of a reason without having to get deep into your relationship background. Another option would be to say, “I haven’t met the right man (or woman), yet.”

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