Something incredible happens when we share the Gospel with people who don’t know Jesus: they come to know him. This doesn’t happen every time, but each time someone trusts in Jesus, it’s because they understand the truth of the Gospel. This understanding isn’t a result of our eloquent speech, but because of the work of the Holy Spirit.

Since sharing the gospel doesn’t just depend on us alone, it only makes sense to invite God into the process through prayer. Here are three prayers that can help you prepare to tell other people about Jesus:

1 // God, please fill me and refill me with your Spirit

In Acts 2, the apostles were motivated by the Holy Spirit to share the Gospel with everyone around them. As a result, they saw thousands of people come to faith in Jesus. Especially if you’re struggling with desiring to share the Gospel, ask God to fill you with his Spirit to motivate and empower you to share God’s truth with others.

2 // God, show me who you want me to share the Gospel with

Yes, God wants us to share the Gospel with everyone who doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus, but it’s best if we start with one person first. Who do you know who doesn’t know Jesus? Maybe a specific name doesn’t come to mind. Continue to ask God and he will show you who he’s seeking after and who is also in your sphere of influence.

3 // God, give me an opportunity

It’s not just true for comedy—timing is (nearly) everything when we share the Gospel, too. As the Parable of the Soils ( Matthew 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20, and Luke 8:1-15) reminds us that everyone is in a different place of receptivity towards God’s truth. This means we need to ask for God’s wisdom to know how to approach these different situations and wait for the right one. Maybe it’s not the right time with one friend, but as you continue to ask God to provide an opportunity, he will be faithful to show you when and in what way will be best.


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