Intentional Vulnerability

Ep.11 | Interview with Jeff Lucas

Hosted by Craig Smith


  • A highly successful “accent-refurbish” procedure | 2:01
  • A church’s growth by unconventional means | 4:51
  • A vulnerability hangover | 8:19
  • We’re not called to preach sermons | 15:01
  • Sermon Criticism Classa root canal without the tools | 19:58
  • A regular rhythm of preparation | 25:01
  • So What? | 29:29


1 | Healthy Churches

Jeff makes an incredible statement early on in this session by focusing on the need for healthy churches in our local communities. He brings up the point that we don’t need more big churches and we don’t need more small churches. But what we DO need are healthy churches, regardless of the size because the local church is, “the hope of the world.” And if the hope of the world is rooted in a healthy foundation, we are surely set to be on the right track.

2 | Useful Vulnerability

Jeff does an amazing job breaking down when vulnerability is helpful and useful from the stage. A few things he mentions, to keep in mind, are:
1 // Don’t use the stage to work our your personal struggles. Make sure that there is a clear line between being vulnerable from the front, and working our your frustrations or personal pieces before you’re ready.
2 // Is it useful? Ask this question before you share something personal, before you become vulnerable, from the stage. What is the audience going to take away from this and is it steering the message in the right direction?
3 // Is it spoken hopefully? Are you giving your audience hope and a chance at redemption through the vulnerability or is it simply a melancholy statement for emphasis, with no redeeming qualities behind it? What can you teach, constructively, from past pains?

3 | Feedback is Essential

There is nothing like a truly honest opinion to take off your blinders, and open you up to the areas of your work that you can improve on. Jeff points out that, in addition to reading endlessly and pursuing other forms of learning (podcasts, youtube, digital sermons, etc.) that we should have those in our lives that we have actively invited to give us open and honest feedback. When we give those we trust, the “go-ahead” to take a critical eye to what we’re doing, we’re able to get a different perspective on the areas that we can improve upon which is incredibly helpful to maintain and promote growth. 

3 | Activate the Search

Jeff makes a fantastic point to new preachers, and those looking to improve upon what they’re already doing, that we should constantly be asking ourselves, “so what?” when it comes to our messages. His trick for this piece is to establish that the message delivered activates the search for those listening, it shouldn’t end it. Positive, redemptive, provocation should be evident each and every time, and it should push those listening to want to know more! To dig deeper into what surrounds the key pieces to the message.


Welcome back to our Clarity podcast with Craig Smith, designed to improve and shepherd those looking to grow in their preaching and communicating skills as church leaders. Today, we have Jeff Lucas from Timberline Church in Fort Collins, CO. Jeff Lucas is an international author, speaker, and broadcaster.

His passion is to equip the Church with practical Bible teaching, marked by vulnerability and humor. Listen in today as he and Craig cover a variety of topics from how to be self-aware and self-reflective to the intricacies that make up the of the art(s) of preaching. You don’t want to miss this one.


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