Arrogance is a tricky thing. It’s hard to identify in ourselves, and it’s even harder to root out once we find it. Not only does our nature predispositions us towards arrogance, but our culture fosters it as well. From declarations of being a “self-made” man to exhortations to “look out for number one,” there’s no shortage of encouragement to believe that we can live our lives independent of God.

Consequently, we have to actively fight our own arrogance if we’re going to grow in humility and acceptance of our own dependence on God. Moment by moment and day by day, we must engage practices that help us squash the presence and growth of our own pride in exchange for the humility that God desires for us.

Here are ten things you can do—from sun up to sun down—to fight an arrogant attitude:

1 // When you wake up, ask God what he wants you to do today and submit the plans you do have to God’s ability to change them.

2 // Remind yourself throughout the day that God’s divine appointments are often disguised as momentary inconveniences.

3 // Discern where you’re trying to live independently from God and confess your sins to an accountability partner.

4 // When you’re interrupted in the middle of task, remind yourself that God’s plans are bigger than yours and that he wants you to show his grace and love to everyone you interact with today.

5 // Be transparent about your shortcomings and struggles to fight the urge to create an image of perfection fueled by pride.

6 // Even before being confronted, ask for forgiveness from someone you’ve wronged, whether it was through thought, speech, or action.

7 // Ask for others to pray for you in an area you’re struggling in.

8 // When your plans are disrupted, thank God for his sovereign control and personal care to direct your life.

9 // Privately and publicly praise others with specifics details; explain both what they did that you appreciated and how you’re thankful for who that shows they are.

10 // When you go to bed, thank God for any good he enabled you to do through the opportunities he provided and offer any praise you received as a gift to him.