God wants us to be people who live in constant respect of the value of other human beings. However, its easy to forget this truth when sitting in traffic, attending to an unruly child, or getting thrown under the bus at work. Instead of getting angry and reacting in a way that devalues others, commit to one of the ways to value others listed below:

1 // Offer encouragement

Whether it’s to the waiter who accidentally messed up your order or to your passive aggressive relative, a kind word can turn away anger for both parties.

2 // Smile and take time to ask, “How are you?”

In our fast-paced world, investing a little time into hearing from another person values their story and what’s going on in his or her life.

3 // Give the benefit of the doubt. Don’t assume, ask yourself, “Do I know this for sure?”

Don’t assume the worst of others or their ill-intent towards you.

4 // Give of your resources

Be generous, especially towards people who could never repay you.

5 // Ask questions and listen well

Often when we know more about a person, we can offer more grace and compassion.

6 // Offer to help

Instead of getting mad about someone inconveniencing you, offer to help by assisting or teaching.

7 // Be honest

Jesus was full of both grace and truth. Gracious honesty values others because it looks out for others long-term good.

8 // Serve without being asked

If you see a need, meet it. You’ll show others that you see and value their needs above your own.

9 // Invite

Pursuing and inviting others reveals that you value them enough to think about them and create space for them in your life.

10 // Be patient

Patience—offered to your kids, spouse, or others—shows you value someone over and above your own schedule.

These aren’t just tasks to accomplish and it isn’t a standard to measure yourself against every day. God doesn’t want us to just follow rules that obligate us to value people. He wants us to become the kind of self-sacrificing people that don’t need a rule to love and value others. As you identify any unhelpful habits that devalue others replace them with the habits and practices that help us become the kind of people God designed us to be.

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