Ep.10 | Interview with Michael Fletcher

Hosted by Craig Smith


  • Walking in to church in an Alice Cooper shirt | 1:55
  • Life with multi-site and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable | 2:55
  • Sitting in the back of the classroom | 10:03
  • The method of message development | 16:24
  • Why I left the toilet seat up | 19:51
  • Focusing on the Kingdom and how that impacts us, daily | 26:29
  • Advice for new preachers and communicators | 33:10


1 | Preaching + Motivating

A lesson Michael learned early on in his ministry days was the importance of adding motivation to good preaching. He realized that good preaching can only take you so far and that you need to motivate your congregation to support and carry out a Kingdom Vision. God equips and directs and guides our ministries when we ask to be let into what He’s doing, and it is imperative to marry your Biblically sound preaching with a strong call to action in executing vision.

2 | The Head, The Heart, and The Hand

When packaging a series, and progressing through a series, Michael has three main points that help with the focus and development of said series (he recommends focusing on one of them at a time. You’re more than welcome to repackage the same material in three different ways though!):
1. The Head Make sure there is something to learn. When developing your message (or series) ask yourself, “What is there to learn?”
2. The Heart Something to be moved by. What, in this message/series, captivates your soul/heart and moves you?
3. The Hand This is your main call to action. Each one of your messages/series should have something to do. Think about the actionable steps your congregation is to take after hearing this.

3 | Truth > You

Michael’s biggest takeaway from today’s interview is for the young preachers listening. His emphasis is on speaking the truth over our delivery. What he means by that is make sure that you are focusing on the content of your sermons/messages and nailing the truth aspect of what you’re preaching on. Ignore the flashiness and brashness of the “popular” speakers you see in today’s media. Focus on truth and the rest will take care of itself.


Welcome back to the Clarity Podcast with our host Craig Smith. Today we have an amazing guest on, Michael Fletcher. Michael has served Manna Church as Senior Pastor for over thirty years. In that time, he has seen the church grow from 350 members in 1985 to almost 9,000 members in 2017! Listen in today as Craig and Michael tackle preaching in the context of multi-site, shoulder tapping those around you to serve, and a whole lot more. You don’t want to miss this one.


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