MOPS – Mothers of Preschoolers


Location: Online
Day of Week: Monday
Time: 9:30 - 11:30 AM
Frequency: Twice a Month | Spring 2021
Type of Group: Interest, Womens
Cost: 35


The MOPS community is a dynamic group of women who share the same stage of mothering: birth to preschool-age children. We meet twice a month on Monday mornings.

We are SO ready for Spring – we have discussed about hundred different options, gotten your feedback, and looked at the current environment around us while making this decision. We hope that you will find the combination that works best for you!

We will have all MOPS meetings online on a private Facebook page AND then allow you to pick what kind of table you would like to be at:

1. An online only table that meets together via Zoom; or
2. A table that meets in person during the evening at MOPS Meet-ups. These will be held 1-2 times a month in the evening and will give you the opportunity to come without kids and get together with your table (when COVID restrictions are below level RED).

Join us on this fun adventure as we get to know each other in a completely different way than we ever have before!

Cost | $35 ($30 if registered before Jan 1, 2021)
Included in this cost are speaker fees, program fees, and a $35 MOPS International Fee. We know the math doesn’t add up, but we want you to join the adventure and we wanted to make it as cost effective as possible, so we will use some of our King Soopers money to help cover the cost.

***If the cost of registration is prohibitive, scholarships are available. Please contact Jessica Hennig for more information.

Please contact Jessica Hennig if you have questions about this group.