MOPS – Mothers of Preschoolers


Location: Online
Day of Week: Monday
Time: 9:30 - 11:30 AM
Frequency: Twice a Month | Fall 2020
Type of Group: Interest, Womens
Cost: 35


The MOPS community is a dynamic group of women who share the same stage of mothering: birth to preschool-age children. We meet twice a month on Monday mornings.

We are SO excited to announce what MOPS looks like this fall – we have discussed about 100 different options, gathered your feedback, and looked at the current environment around us while making this decision. We hope that you will find the combination that works best for you!

We will have all MOPS meetings online on a private Facebook page AND then allow you to pick what kind of table you would like to be at:

1. An online-only table that meets together via Zoom; or
2. A table that meets in-person during the evening at MOPS Meet-ups.

Join us on this fun adventure as we get to know each other in a completely different way than we ever have before!

What is a MOPS Meet-up?

These will be held 1-2 times a month outside in the evening (as weather allows) and will give you the opportunity to come without kids and get together with your table.

Learn more about how we came to this decision:

As a team we met for countless hours, praying and discussing the various barriers and options available to us. I think we can all agree we are tired of the unknown and the constantly changing environment so going into this we really wanted to pick the option that would allow us to give you the most consistency. Also, we heard you loud and clear that you NEED community and at the same time want to feel safe coming back. Here are some barriers we discussed:

  • Our building; will our building be able to be consistently open as cases rise and fall with so many people using the building?
  • What would happen if we had a known case in a kids classroom, an adult classroom, in the preschool, or in the church service?
  • How will quarantine/isolation affect our leadership team leading the group? What would we do if a coordinator, leader, or childcare worker must quarantine?
  • How do we create community if we have to abide by the 6ft apart rule (2-3 people at a table)?
  • We aren’t going to be able to serve food at MOPS this year because of state guidelines.

Cost | $35 (Included in this cost are speaker fees, program fees, and a $35 MOPS International Fee. We know the math doesn’t add up, but we want you to join the adventure and we wanted to make it as cost effective as possible, so we will use some of our King Soopers money to help cover the cost.)

Please contact Jessica Hennig if you have questions about this group.