If we are going to remember who we are and what we stand for, we must know and be confident of who we are in Christ. The world around you will attempt to define you by what you have and what you do, but our true identity is who we are in Christ.

Within the first chapter for Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, he identifies six things that are true of every person in Christ. Let these six truths define who you are.

You are blessed with every spiritual blessing (1:3)

Don’t become distracted by what physical blessing you might lack because in Christ, God has granted you every spiritual blessing. You aren’t working for these blessings because you’ve already received them if you’re in Christ.

You were predestined for adoption (1:5)

Before time began, God planned to adopt you as his child. Today in Christ, you stand before him as his beloved daughter or son.

You are forgiven (1:7)

Because of Christ’s sacrifice, your sins—past and future—are completely covered and you are able to enter God’s presence holy and blameless.

You are lavished with grace (1:7-8)

God is not stingy with grace. In Christ, God has and will continue to lavish you with grace because he loves you.

You have a forthcoming inheritance (1:11)

Because God chose to sacrifice his Son and adopt us as sons and daughters, we will receive a future inheritance beyond anything we could imagine.

You are sealed with the Holy Spirit (1:13)

The Holy Spirit, who guides, directs, and convicts us, is also assures us of our adoption and guarantees our future inheritance.