5 Kids Podcasts to Start Listening to Today

Hey moms and dads! We all know that staying at home right now can help our community, but if you find yourself needing a break from online learning, sibling bickering, and the constant demand for new snacks, try listening to one of our suggested podcasts for kids below.

Half the battle of finding something is sifting through the myriad of offerings before landing on something that you like, so we’ve taken the leg work out of that process for you and have five, awesome channels for you to tune in to today!

1 | the go fish podcast

A podcast for kids that won’t drive parents bonkers!! This engaging show is hosted by Go Fish and includes music and segments geared toward children ages 3-10.

2 | wow in the world

Hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz guide curious kids and their grown-ups on a journey into the wonders of the world around them. We’ll go inside our brains, out into space, and deep into the coolest new stories in science and technology.

3 | Adventures in Odyssey podcast

Created for children ages 8-12 (but loved by listeners of all ages), Adventures in Odyssey is a 30-minute drama that combines the faith lessons parents appreciate with characters and stories that kids love! The official podcast gives behind-the-scenes information on the show, deleted scenes, and answers fan questions.


God’s Big Story is a new show where we teach the Bible, sing the Bible, and talk about what it means with hosts Sean and Julie and a few special guests!


Each week, Mr. Eric takes a “What if?” question from a kid and spins it into a story for all of you! What If World exists thanks to our listeners, kids like you!

And don’t forget a great kids podcast written and produced right here at Mission Hills Church. That podcast is called Mister Cricket’s Fire Fables, and you can learn more about it below and listen to it wherever you get your podcasts. With each episode, we also provide a parent guide with questions for your kids, Bible verses to read with them, and a key virtue to talk about with them that is at the center of the episode.


Take a listen to Mister Cricket’s Fire Fables today!

Conceived for kids 6-12, (but loved by parents everywhere), Mister Cricket’s Fire-Fables are tales that teach the common courtesies of life through humor and intrigue. Set in a fictional woods known as, “Suavity Bosk”, each fable begins with a question, and each question is answered by John Cricket––the only human being in the bosk. Of course, Cricket’s answers are always a mixture of fact and fiction, but through this embroidered truth, the characters in Mister Cricket’s Fire-Fables gain wisdom, make better choices, treat others as they should be treated, and, in general, lead more fulfilling lives. If you’re looking for family entertainment wrapped in sound advice, Mister Cricket’s Fire-Fables are something you and your children can warm up to.

Now is the perfect time to sit down with your kiddos and explore some of these wonderful podcasts. Listen with them, explore these worlds with them, and answer their questions!

And we have a few fun, free resources for you in this crazy time! There is a Conversation Starter Pack to explore with your kids, as well as a Mister Cricket’s Coloring Book that they can color in as you listen to the fables.


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