We’re all reckless in our own way, whether in the embrace of counterfeit happiness or a dependence on our own ability to be “good enough.” Fortunately, God cares so little about the cost of loving us that He is willing to pursue us in whichever far country we have made our home.


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Luke 15:11-24

To be reckless is to do something without caring about the cost or the consequences. Now, sometimes, being reckless – doing something without caring about the cost of the consequences – sometimes, being reckless is foolish…it’s genuinely stupid to act that way. But sometimes being reckless isn’t foolish…it just looks that way to others who don’t share your priorities.


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Luke 15:25-30

In week 2 of our Reckless series, we see that not everyone who is far from God knows that they’re far from God. In spite of the fact that we often call this the story of the Prodigal son, the fact is, there’s another brother in this story…and he is an equally important part of what Jesus is saying in this parable. Join us for a powerful look at the older brother – the Performer.


CRAIG SMITH | read his bio

Luke 15:11-32

In our final week of this Reckless series, we look at the father – the Pursuer. Several times in this series we’ve found ourselves asking questions about things the father has done, or hasn’t done…and each time we’ve set those questions aside and said we’ll come back to them. Today we’re going back to see what Jesus is teaching us about the God who loves us so deeply that he is willing to go to incredible lengths to pursue a relationship with us.



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