People have always had strong opinions about Jesus. From “heretic” to “prophet” to “Son of God”, beliefs have always covered the spectrum. Join us as we explore the beginning of the great debate, as recorded in the Gospel of John…and see why billions through the centuries have decided he is the only Savior worth their lives.


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John 7:37-42

I’m a Christian because I love Jesus. I’m fascinated by Jesus. Because I’m blown away by Jesus. And I’m not a pastor because of all the perks, or the pay, or the privileges. I’m a pastor because I believe with all of my heart that there is no greater honor than being able to help people meet Jesus, become like Jesus and join Jesus on his mission in the world. For me, it’s all about Jesus. That’s why I’m excited about this series. Join us today as Craig launches our “Real Jesus” series to kick off 2018!

A Recipe for Blindness

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John 7:43-8:20

As we saw last week, Jesus says he can satisfy our deepest longings and make us agents of transformative hope. And I asked the question “do you believe that?” And as we said, there are three possible answers: yes, no or I don’t know. Today, we’re going to see Jesus mostly interact with a group of people whose answer was “no.” They didn’t believe Jesus was who he said he was or that he could do what he said he could do.

The Real Issue

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John 8:21-47

Jesus came to earth on a rescue mission. He’s not here to teach us…he’s here to rescue us. Which means that we have to decide whether or not we’re going to let him do it. That’s the key question: Will we let Jesus rescue us?

Identity Crisis

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John 8:48-59

Insecurity was beginning to leak for the religious leaders in Jerusalem. They had to find a way to get Jesus to break. The tide had shifted and the crowds were actually responding to Jesus. So, the gloves come off in Chapter 8 of John. They know that something is special with this man, who calls Himself the Messiah, something supernatural. But their pride, their traditions, their religious works, and insecurities roadblock the pathway to the King. Join us this week as Kip Nanninga takes us deeper into the Real Jesus.

Dealing with Doubt

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John 9:3-41

Join us this weekend as Craig unpacks two things that the church has not always done a great job of acknowledging. The first is just that doubt and faith are not mutually exclusive. The second thing I want to get straight right from the beginning is that a healthy approach to dealing with doubt can lead to greater faith.

The Excessive Life

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John 10:1-10

Listen, we have never met someone that was truly experiencing the excessive life that was not living missionally. Every time we meet someone that seemed to be experiencing the excessive life, it was immediately clear that they were living missionally: that they were other-center and outward-facing, passionate about seeing God glorified, the good news of Jesus shared, lost people saved and saved people transformed. Join us this week to learn about God’s plan for our excessive life and how we can invest in that.

Trust Issues

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John 10:11-21

Why is trust so hard? Maybe because trust requires a major course-correction because it’s not the direction that sin takes us. Or perhaps trusting others hasn’t always worked out for us. We’ve been burned…and our relationships with others create a kind of blueprint for our relationship with God…we put onto God what others have done to us. The problem is that God calls us to trust him. That’s what faith is: trusting God. And we all have trust issues. So the question is, how can we learn to trust God?

THE real thing

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John 10:22-42

For the past several weeks, we’ve been looking at a conversation Jesus had with some religious leaders in Jerusalem who were struggling to trust that he was who he said he was. I think it’s important to understand what John has recorded in his Gospel is really just the highlight reel of that conversation. The reality is that Jesus actually spent a pretty long period of time in Jerusalem trying to convince people there that he was the Messiah, the savior, they’d all been waiting for.


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John 11:1-42

Today we’re going to be looking at a story that John tells us about one of the most famous events in Jesus’ life. Now, the event itself is spectacular – it’s an incredible miracle in every sense of the word – and because this miracle is so spectacular, it’s very easy to focus our attention almost exclusively on the miracle itself. But that would be a huge mistake. Because the miracle is really just the end of the story. The real meat of the story is everything that led up to the miracle. Join us today to learn more!


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John 11:45-54

Today we’re going to talk about one of the greatest obstacles to experiencing the abundant, excessive life that Jesus promised. That’s what Jesus said he came to bring us. He said “I came that they might have life and have it abundantly” or, as we saw a few weeks ago, “to have a life of excessive good.” Join us today!


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John 11:55-12:11

We live in a culture immersed in contrasts, tensions that push against each other constantly. Some would say this has always been, many would say it is more separated today than ever. Whether political, religious, environmental, social, I can say one or two words and it generates tension. Join us for today’s message as we look at how when we reject selfishness and choose sacrifice, powerful things begin to happen.


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John 12:12 – 19

The really interesting question about Palm Sunday isn’t why we call it that..or even why they greeted Jesus in that particular way (we’ll get to that in a second). The more interesting question about Palm Sunday is something that John says in chapter 12, verse 12. Listen to learn more as we continue our Real Jesus series and prepare for Easter.



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