MOPS – Mothers of Preschoolers


Location: MHC – Littleton Campus
Day of Week: Tuesday
Time: 9:30 - 11:30 AM
Frequency: Twice a Month | Spring Semester
Type of Group: Interest, Womens
Cost: 95


This group is currently full. We would love for you to join us at Monday MOPS. Both groups have the same curriculum. If Tuesday is the ONLY day that works for you and you would like to get on the wait list, please contact Jessica Hennig.

The MOPS community is a dynamic group of women who share the same stage of mothering: birth to preschool-age children. We meet twice a month on Tuesday mornings. This year we are exploring what it looks like to live life to the full; living more grateful, joyful and hopeful lives. The world is full of things that seem like they would fill us up, and they might – for a while, but those things rarely last. Join us as we focus on the things that will carry us through difficult times, build community and support each other in our motherhood journeys.

We meet in The Grove.

Please contact Jessica Hennig for more information on this group.