Prayer is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal and taking advantage of this tool is remarkably simple…even though we often complicate it unnecessarily. Join us for this summer mini-series where we unpack powerful truths about prayer from the most famous prayer in the Bible.


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Matthew 6:5-6

Join us as we start our summer mini-series on prayer and look at the most famous prayer in the Bible – the Lord’s prayer. This prayer is so popular, in part, because it’s so simple. And the reality is that even though prayer seems like it should be simple, a lot of times we find it to be confusing. In this two-week series, we’ll dig into what we learn from the Lord’s prayer about how to pray.


CRAIG SMITH | read his bio

Matthew 6:7-13

As we examine the Lord’s prayer today, what we’re searching for is the heart of the prayer. Over the years, a lot of people have used the Lord’s prayer as a way of developing a sort of pattern for their own prayer lives. But in my opinion, the Lord’s prayer is meant to teach us an attitude, not a strategy. As we’ll see in just a second, when Jesus taught the Lord’s Prayer, he said “this is how you should pray.” But “how” you should pray isn’t so much “follow this pattern” as it is “come to God with this attitude.” Join us we unpack the attitude behind this prayer today!



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