For Christians, Passover is a beautiful representation of Christ’s sacrifice for us and of our deliverance from the chains of sin. We believe there is value in learning about the Jewish roots of our Christian faith and much to be celebrated in the observance of Passover.

We have created pre-packaged Passover Dinner Kits to enable our Mission Hills family to host their own Passover dinners with a group of people (boxes are intended for 6-8 participants). This is a great opportunity for mature believers to take the next step in opening up spiritual conversations with friends and family. Each box contains all the necessary non-perishable items necessary to host a Passover dinner; other items such as produce or proteins will need to be purchased separately. Each dinner kit will also contain a participant’s guide for those attending.

Boxes will be distributed in the lobby beginning March 30. Reserve your box via the form below and pick it up in the lobby between March 30 – April 14.

Reserve your dinner kit below.