This past weekend, we concluded our Imagine series and we were encouraged to see so many members of our church family say “I’m in” for this next step at our church. It’s easy for this weekend to feel like a finish-line, but it’s only the beginning of the work God is doing.

If you gave to help make room for more people to join us here at Mission Hills, you aren’t just giving to God’s future work, you’re actively participating in it. Giving was the first step in participating in what God is doing through our church.

Even though we’re technically finished with our Imagine resource initiative, there’s something next for each of us. So, what’s next for you? How can you continue to participate in God’s work here at our church? Here are some ways you can continue to invest in what’s next for Mission Hills.

1 // Pray for people to come

Our goal is not simply to build a bigger building. Our goal is to create more space on this campus and throughout our area, for people to find and follow Jesus. Even before we start construction, you can begin praying that God will bring people into our doors.

2 // Pray for who you will invite

Ask God to begin to prepare the heart of someone you want to invite to Mission Hills. Maybe this person lives in the Dove Valley area or maybe he or she could be a part of our Spanish-speaking community. Even though we haven’t created more space at our Littleton campus, you can pray for and invite others to our two new campuses.

3 // Visit the Dove Valley campus

Our whole congregation can’t go all at once, but you could take your family or a couple friends to visit the Dove Valley campus during one of their Sunday services. See how God is moving in that area of Denver and meet some of these new members of the Mission Hills family.

4 // Park off-site at the Littleton campus

You’ve probably heard us say it before and we know it can be more difficult in the winter, but parking just down the road from our church is a practical and tangible way you can serve those we want to join us. Help us make sure that no one is turned away from our church because of a lack of parking. This is especially important for our upcoming Christmas services.

5 // Check out where you can serve

More people coming to our campus means more traffic to direct, more babies to hold, and more first-timers to greet. Even if you aren’t ready to make a serving commitment today, come to one of our upcoming Discovering Mission Hills classes to figure out what serving opportunity might be a good fit for you.

6 // Consider becoming a leader

Maybe you’re already involved at Mission Hills through serving. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a “next step”. Now you have the opportunity to become a leader in whatever area you’re serving in. If we have more people filling up the room we’ve created, we’ll need more leaders in our congregation too—more Bible study leaders, more Starting Point facilitators, more Life Group leaders. Begin to consider how God wants you to help serve and lead others through the ministries of our church.

7 // Explore a global trip opportunity

Investing in our relationship with our Poland partners was a big part of our Imagine initiative because we want to be involved in what God is doing around the world. Global missions might be the place God wants you to make an investment. We have nineteen trips being sent out from Mission Hills in 2018 so that you can directly participate in God’s work around the globe through going, sending, or praying.

Getting to participate in God’s work here and around the world is a privilege. It’s not something you have to do, it’s something you get to do as a follower of Jesus. As long as you’re here on earth, God desires for you to continue to invest—through your time, energy, and finances—in God’s kingdom here and around the world.