Anchor + Waves Ep. 109

Hosted by Stacy Ludwig w/ Special Guest (and daughter) Laina Ludwig


  • Embrace trials together | 6:50
  • Say the awkward things | 18:30
  • Personality was a big part | 26:40
  • I’m Diggin’ It w/ Kelly McSparran | 39:56
  • Closing & Prayer | 50:57


1 | Embrace trials together

Sometimes it is not about you as a person, but you as a parent. And God is not allowing something to happen “to” you, but “for” you, and your child. The trail may be the very thing that is needed in your relationship. | Listen in at 6:50

2 | Don’t be afraid of big questions

Don’t be afraid if your kid starts asking big questions, or is confused or even has doubt about God or the Bible. It is ok if you don’t have the answers, you can trust God to have the answers. Lean into other people speaking truth into their life, and encourage your kids to seek the answers. | Listen in at 10:00

3 | Create a “No Judgement” space

Prepare your parental hearts for the fact that your kid will sin. So that when they do, you will be ready to guide them through the process of repentance and redemption. You must create a “No Judgement” space that is free of anger, so that they will first and foremost feel like they can come to you. We cannot help guide them through the tough things like sin and trails if they won’t even include us in their lives. | Listen in at 15:45

4 | Say and do the awkward things

Say the things you know your teen needs to hear and do, no matter how awkward it is. Your relationship with them is that important. Say love them unconditionally. Tell them they can come to you when they need help, and you will be there for them. Tell them that you will always be on their side. And keep hugging them. | Listen in at 18:30

5 | If you need to, get help

If what you are doing is not working or helping, and you have researched and readjusted and it is still not helping; just get help. If you are not equipped for what your kid needs, don’t be afraid to get professional help. It is just another resource at your disposal, use it. | Listen in at 26:40


Join us on Part 2 of Stacy and her eldest child, Laina, discussion on what worked and didn’t work regarding guiding Laina in her pursuit of God in her tween and teen years. Although this is just one parental experience and one child’s spiritual journey, the encouragement is for every parent. We are called to guide our children spiritually, and it doesn’t stop when they hit a certain age or when it becomes a little more complicated.

The sin may be different, and the issues may be bigger, but the God we look to is the same loving, powerful God. Don’t give up now! We are our child’s advocate in every aspect, but most importantly in their spiritual journey. So let’s be encouraged, be inspired, let’s do our work, and then let’s see God do His.


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