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Discipleship for Outreach

Come grow spiritually through our five-week Discipleship for Outreach training, and learn how outreach is a lifestyle, not an event. Each session is interactive with a live presenter. The information gleaned from these experiences will open your eyes to see the world as Jesus views it, allowing us to make the greatest impact when we serve others. This training is open to and beneficial for everyone but is required for all those going on short-term mission trips or internships. If you are unable to attend a session, the videos can be accessed online. For dates and more information, contact the Evangelism and Outreach Department.    

2017 Dates

March 2 | March 16 | April 6 | April 27 | May 11
Location | Boat House
6:30 – 7:30 PM | Topic Presentation
7:30 – 8:30 PM | Individual team gathering and discussion / planning

Team Building
Our Identity in Christ
How to Share Your Faith
How Do I Hear From God
Cross-Cultural Training

[vimeo id=”173519879″] Session #1 | Team Building
Miki Kellerman

Each of us are wired differently, but all in God’s image. Find out how to better understand these differences in a team environment. Our unique wiring impacts the way we think and look at situations, people, and tasks. During this session, teams will learn strategies how to celebrate and work with team dynamics.

[vimeo id=”212160865″] Session #2 | Our Identity in Christ
Joseph Siacunco

It is vital to genuinely know who we are in Christ; it influences all we say and do. To have an effective ministry and truly fathom his amazing grace, it is imperative for believers to understand and exhibit what this means.

View Course Notes [vimeo id=”175498738″] Session #3 | Cross-Cultural Training
Erin Kellerman

It is important to understand cultural norms so they don’t become barriers in sharing the Gospel. Cultural awareness is a vital component to having a positive mission experience. Interacting with a new culture will not only change your worldview; it will transform your mind as you see God’s heart for the nations.

View Course Notes [vimeo id=”217072377″] Session #4 | How Do I Hear From God
Jerry Jones

God desires for us, as believers, to seek him for direction in our lives. Putting some spiritual practices into place will help you understand how God prepares you for his service.

View Course Notes [vimeo id=”162441460″] Session #5 | How to Share Your Faith
Blake Burget

Since we are Christ’s Ambassadors on this earth, we are directed to tell others about Him. Learn biblical principles on how to share your faith in a unique way that will earnestly engage those with whom you share.

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