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Serve Kids

The Volunteer Team of Mission Hills is the heart, soul, and passion of making church happen every week. Our volunteers are enthusiastic and passionate about making a difference and making an impact on the lives of everyone they come in contact with. Imagine what great things will happen in your life and what God can do when you volunteer your time to serve!

Simply find the days and times that work best for you and click on “View & Sign-Up.” We will confirm your assignments and even send you an email reminder. Thank you for your heart to serve our kids!

Why We Do What We Do

Recently, we came across a video that drove home—even more deeply—the importance that small group leaders and church volunteers have in a child’s life. The video is called “I’ll Need You” by Igniter Media.

What you’re doing today, this weekend, next month and next year at Mission Hills is important to the children around you. They’ll need you. . . .