Quest Team

Adam Dorband


MOVIE – I like really unrealistic disaster movies
Or any movie about Rwanda

BAND | SONG – Alive City & Hillsong Young & Free

QUOTE – oh billy


FOOD – 1. Freshly Roasted Coffee
2. Chic-fil-a
3. Ice cream
4. Orange juice
5. fresh chips & salsa.
6. Middle Eastern food

PLACE – The mountains on a bike trail!

SPORT & TEAM – I do not watch sports.

HOBBY – Mountain Biking

Weird fact

I have a rhino tattoo on my calf, and I have not drank pop for the last 18 years!

social media icons – his personal

Wren Pauley


MOVIE – Newsies!

BAND | SONG – Miranda Lambert: The House that Built Me

QUOTE – “He did a PETER PAN right off that thang!!” Tommy Lee Jones, The Fugitive

FOOD – 1. TexMex
2.  TexMex
3. Ice cream
4. Sushi
5.  Mom’s Gumbo
6. Dad’s roast w/rice & gravy

PLACE – The Ballpark in Arlington

SPORT – Volleyball to play.
Baseball to watch

TEAM – Texas Rangers

HOBBY – Traveling

Weird fact

I am 28 years old but I have moved over 30 times