High School – Student Serve

Students serving within The Crossing

Since serving others is one of the most effective ways to honor God and develop spiritually, we want to help High School students get involved in a ministry that fits their unique interests and abilities. Check out the following ways to get involved.

Welcome Team

Being a part of the Welcome Team is a vital part of our ministry. Every student wants to feel welcome: it doesn’t matter if they are first-timers or have been a part of The Crossing for years. Being a part of the Welcome Team allows you meet and greet other students and help them feel welcome.

Connections Team

This team is similar to the Welcome Team but really takes it to the next level. One of the biggest reasons students do not stay with a youth group is that they do not get connected. The Connections Team gives information to new students as well as helping them plug in with other students. The Connectors will give information to new students as well as plug them in with other students.

Host Team

This team has a unique role because it does not involve being inside the youth room. The Host Team is in the lobby of the church before and after church service. They are looking for high school students that are not connected to our youth group to invite them to our services. During an average service, there are between 50-75 students that do not make their way downstairs for a youth service. The Host Team is there to provide information and to invite students to join The Crossing.

Preparation Team

The Preparations Team gets the programming ready for service and also helps in tear-down after service. This role may include anything from setting up chairs in the youth room, taking out trash, to planning events. This role can be very “behind-the-scenes,” but it is also a very crucial part of the ministry.

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