Life on Mission

Ep.2 | Life in Peru

Hosted by Sharon Sands with Special Guest Kelly McSparran


  • The role that Kelly plays at Mission Hills Church | 1:08
  • You don’t have to be a missionary to live life on mission  | 1:41
  • There’s no such thing as a typical experience living abroad  | 3:33
  • Living your faith out in a dark, spiritually confused area | 6:18
  • Sometimes, the transition back can be the hardest part and living out our mission on our home soil | 10:47
  • It’s good to look at the areas around us that we can pour into | we’re not always traveling overseas | 14:20
  • What is your next step that you will take to become more like Jesus and follow Him on Mission? | 19:148



The focus of this series is centered around being called on mission with Jesus. Craig has a great saying around here that everyone is called to ministry, only a few are called to vocational ministry. And we thought that applied really well to mission work as well. We are all called to be on mission with Jesus, even when we’re not part of a short-term trip, or travelling to exclusively share the gospel. The truth of Christ should be so interwoven into our lives that whatever we do, whoever we talk to, can see it coming out of us. Even when we are teaching in another country, or working for a non-profit, the way we live our lives on mission should be contagious and evident in all that we do.


Even though Kelly received a lot of pushback on some of the ways that they outwardly lived their faith, they were inundated with conversations. People would express some previous hurt from the church, ask them questions about their faith, and open up to vulnerable places in their pasts to them. This is the power of the Holy Spirit working through them. It’s human nature to want to connect and build community and the tools that the McSparran’s were using to build their community in Peru were based in their faith. When they relied on their relationship with Christ, they were blessed with opportunities to share who they’ve built their lives around. Sometimes, you’re not the ones to get another to come to faith. But you are another touch point in their lives, you could be their only exposure to the Gospel! It’s important to remember that we’re called to be the best representations of Christ that we can be in all areas of our lives. God has placed you where you are in life (spiritually, emotionally, physically, etc.) on purpose, make sure you don’t ignore that and you use that to connect.


Welcome back for our second episode in our, “Life on Mission” series. Throughout this series, which will run indefinitely over the duration of this podcast channel, we will not only interview those going out on short-term trips. We will also be speaking with women who have lived abroad! We really love these stories because they are focused on spiritual growth, from those that are called to mission (as we all are).

Today, we hear from Kelly McSparran, our Communications Director here at Mission Hills, on her time in Peru. Kelly and her husband Ryan lived in Peru for a bit at the beginning of their marriage and learned lessons about being public with your faith, growing closer to God to solidify your marriage, and travel do’s and don’ts in an incredible part of the world. She wasn’t “on-mission”, but since she loves Jesus, she was joining Jesus on mission in her everyday life. 


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