According to Ephesians 3:20, God is able and eager to do far more than we could ever imagine. He wants to work in us and through us, bringing hope and transformation to a broken world. Join us as we explore God’s plan for the local church and what this looks like for Mission Hills here and around the world.


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Revelation 2:1-5

Today we’re going to be asking the question: what is God’s purpose for this thing that we call the local church? What’s his heartbeat for it? What would it look like for us to be the church God always wanted? And here’s the honest truth: we believe a lot of churches in America don’t know how to answer that question. In fact, we honestly believe that a lot of churches in America are in danger of losing, or have already lost, God’s blessing because they have stopped being a church. They’ve become a social club or an educational institution, but they’ve stopped being the church.

Prepare To Be Blessed

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2 Kings 4:1-7

This is week 2 of our IMagINe series where we’re peeking through some doors to see what God has in store for us in the future and what it looks like to get ready to be the church God is calling us to be. This is one of those odd little stories in the Bible that tends to get skimmed over way too quickly because it teaches what I would call a transformational principle.

Here, There & Everywhere

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Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8

If the last words of Jesus in Matthew give us our tactics for accomplishing our mission, then the last words of Jesus in Acts give us our strategy. The picture that Jesus paints here is ever-widening circles, kind of like the ripples that spread out after you drop a rock into a lake. The initial impact was in Jerusalem. Join us this weekend as Craig unpacks our Global vision for our IMagINe Campaign.

A Tradition Worth Keeping

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1 Chronicles 29:1-14

One of our core values as a church is that we are Bible-driven. That means we don’t make plans and then attach Bible verses to them. We are driven to our plans and strategies by what God says to us in the Bible. Throughout this series, you’ve seen how every facet of what we’re looking to do is driven by biblical truth, from our understanding of the purpose of the local church to our belief that God calls us to prepare for Him to do more in and through us. Join us for our final weekend in our IMagINe Series!

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