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Let’s face it- we don’t live in a world that encourages sacrifice . . . and especially not sacrifice for the sake of others. We’re too busy sucking in our stomachs for that perfect selfie to think much about reaching out our hands to others. But Jesus calls us to post a very different picture for the world to see, a picture he described this way:

“Greater love has no one that this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13

The selflessness that Jesus calls his followers to means investing our time, talents and treasures in others. Unfortunately, the world can’t teach us what that looks like, so join us for the Unselfie series this August and see what the Bible says about how we’re to invest our God-given resources every single day.



Living Selflessly in a Selfie World

August 5/6 | Unselfie Week 1
August 12/13 | Unselfie Week 2
August 19/20 | Unselfie Week 3
August 26/27 | Unselfie Week 4

Our Previous Series

There’s no shortage of counterfeits in the world, but don’t let religion be one of them. True faith isn’t a set of ideas, but truth revealing itself in action. If what we believe doesn’t play out in what we do day in and day out, then maybe our religion isn’t as real as we’d like to think it is. Join us for the Real Religion series as we are guided by the book of James in tackling practical issues that we all face every day.