No one gets through life without picking up some baggage along the way — from heartaches to hurts to guilt for what we’ve done or failed to do. It gets pretty heavy. In fact, the baggage we accumulate can be downright unbearable.

This Easter, we’ll explore the only way to check that baggage — to hand it to someone who can take care of it in a way we cannot. We can learn how to start living a life free from the burden of all our baggage. God offers this hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


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March 30

April 1

Matthew 28: 1-10

The Resurrection is the proof that the wages of sin have been paid and that freedom is ours for the asking. That our baggage doesn’t have to be our burden alone, that there is a baggage check open for all the stuff that weighs us down, for all the wrong we’ve done…he’ll take that. There’s no baggage too heavy, too smelly or too ugly. He’ll take it all…if we’ll just let him. That might sound too easy, but that’s why we call it the good news: because it is easy…at least for us. It cost him everything. But for us, it’s a free gift.

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