Discovering God

Online Group

Discovering god – online group

Discovering God is for people who are curious about God, have a new relationship with Jesus Christ, or are returning to church after being away for a while. It is a safe place for you to ask questions and to learn about the Bible and Christianity.

You may have questions that you’ve always wondered about but never felt you could ask at church, legitimate questions that would make many Christians uncomfortable. Ask them. Nothing is off-limits. We want to have conversations about stuff that really matters to you.

We believe God loves you…specifically. And we believe He’s big enough to handle your toughests questions, darkest moments, and deepest doubts. We want to honor Him and you by creating an environment where you can be open, honest, and transparent.

The Starting Point Conversation Guide and a Bible (if you don’t have one) will be provided for those who attend at no cost. You can register for a 9-week session here. Each class will close after the 2nd week to new attendees.