If anything is in short supply right now, it’s peace. But peace is never a product of our circumstances, it’s always a by-product of what we choose to pursue. Join us as we discover six surprising things God calls us to set our sights on that will bring us peace that cannot be stolen by our circumstances.


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Romans 12:1-16

For most of us amidst the pandemic, or just because of how our life is going, we aren’t feeling a lot of peace. But peace isn’t a product of our current circumstances, it is a product of what (or who) we pursue. We begin a new sermon series with a focus on humility and its counterpart, pride. When we pursue character even in the middle of whatever trials we’re facing, the focus shifts and suddenly peace becomes a real possibility.


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Genesis 3:1-5

Deception pushed peace out of the world and invited conflict in, but we can work to invite peace back in by creating a foundation of truth. Without truth, grace cannot be extended by God or other humans.


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Luke 10:25-37

Compassion is the act of suffering with someone, showing kindness even to those who do not deserve it. Peace then follows compassion by killing hostility. Join us for a retelling of how Jesus describes compassion in action.





1 Samuel 24:1-22

Continuing in our series on finding peace in spite of our circumstances, Reza speaks on what righteousness is; how God wants us to have a heart that seeks to be set apart, purified and restored through Him, leading to a peace we cannot achieve on our own.