Each year, our middle school and high school ministries take students up into the mountains for a weekend of Winter Camp, joining together with other local youth groups for fun and outdoor activities, but that’s not all. Winter Camp provides a unique opportunity for students to gain and grow a foundation of faith during what can be a significant but sometimes confusing phase of life.

Aaron, our Associate High School Director, has four reasons why he wants your student to join him and dozens of other students at Winter Camp:

1 // Get Away and Unplug

I have always found it helpful to change up my routine and schedule every once in awhile. It helps me better engage whatever projects or problems I have been working on. For high school students, Winter Camp offers a breath of fresh air, a new perspective, and a break from the regular routine. High school students find the weekend away as a chance to unplug and get way from normal life, in order to return and re-engage better than before.

2 // Community building

It’s difficult to build deep relationships at weekly youth group if our students only see each other for a couple hours once a week. It’s hard to feel connected and part of a community of faith without spending time together. Winter Camp can provide an opportunity to deepen relationships and create belonging—something all students (or all people, really) desire. In high school, I didn’t feel connected to my youth group until I went to camp. At camp, I learned people’s names, found new friends, and built deeper relationships faster than I could of when I only saw the other students in my youth group once a week.

3 // Intentional Faith Building

Winter Camp gives students the chance dig deeper in God’s Word in a more focused environment. The goal of this weekend is to encourage our students in their walk with Christ through biblical teaching and worship, individual reflection, and Christ-centered small groups. Winter Camp allows our students time to learn from God’s Word about His plan for their life and they take these new insights and new transformation with them when they return to their schools and homes.

4 // Fun

The whole weekend is designed to be engaging and fun for high school students. We believe that God is passionate, joyful, and fun-loving, so we intentionally incorporate fun and games into our activities together. In addition to performances by an improv comedy group, Far From Ordinary, we’re planning a dodgeball tournament and team uniform contest to encourage healthy competition, creativity, and cooperation for our students and our leaders. Your students and their dodgeball team will be judged based on their win record, and their uniform—the crazier the better.
Shared experiences like this provide common ground and build trust between students and leaders, too.

If you’ve been convinced that your middle school or high school student needs to be at Winter Camp this year, there’s still time to sign up:

High School Winter Camp: February 24-26 | Frontier Ranch in Buena Vista CO | Cost: $220

Middle School Winter Camp: March 3-5 | Frontier Ranch in Buena Vista CO | Cost: $220