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Online Giving FAQ

1. How do I give online?
Click Give on the Website and follow the instructions.

2. Is online giving secure?
Yes, it is secured through McAfee and tested daily.

3. Is my information kept private?
Your information is never shared with anyone nor should you share your password

4. Which funds can I give to?
You can give to the General fund or the building fund on-line

5. What methods can I use to give online?
You can use credit or debit card and check.

6. Why does Mission Hills accept credit card donations?
Mission Hills accepts credit cards and debit cards for your convenience. We do not want anyone to have a credit card balance at the end of the month and be giving to the church through their credit card. We are not fans of consumer debt! If you do not have 3-6 months of an emergency fund in place and no consumer debt (credit cards, car loans, student loans) you SHOULD NOT be using credit cards at all!

7. Can I setup an ongoing (recurring) giving schedule?

8. Can I give to more than one fund?

9. Are there fees incurred by the church to give online?
Yes, the church does incur a small percentage fee.

10. How can I view my giving statement?
Once you log in you may view your giving activity.

11. Will I receive an end-of-year statement?
Yes. And it is our goal to send you a quarterly statement so you can keep track of your regular giving.

12. Can I make changes to my account?
Yes you can do so at any time. Click the pencil eraser to make edits once you are in your account.

13. What if I still have questions?
Feel free to contact Pastor Keith Carson regarding your giving or any planned giving questions at 303.953.7105 or at kcarson@missionhills.org. For statements and online transaction questions contact Tracy Snyder in the accounting office at 303.953.7113 or at tsnyder@missionhills.org


  • Keith Carson Stewardship Pastor
  • Tracy Snyder Finance and Human Resource Manager
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